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“Designers don’t need marketing strategies when they have Instagram!” – Robin Givhan.

Social media accounts are no longer just platforms for users to post their selfies and latte art photos, but they have the potential to be used strategically to propel the success of pretty much any type of business or career.

These platforms have completely overwhelmed the marketing industry and have broken down the traditional barriers and strategies that were once in place. By changing the way that marketers can engage with potential consumers, the communication is no longer just one way and consumers shift from passive to active agents. As a marketer, it is extremely valuable to collect data on how your strategies are working and with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, consumers can give feedback as soon as posts are published. Marketers can also be strategic with the use of social media platforms to hold experiments or surveys to see what consumers like. This information is so valuable especially when some people online are more open to give honest and critical advice! With this knowledge, consumers end up having a larger say in what content or products are created, which of course is better for both parties in the long run!

Just last week, for Black Friday, the hair brand The Mane Choice posted a video on their Instagram account and asked their followers to choose what time they would prefer the black Friday sale to start. Unfortunately, the post was taken down after the sale so I was not able to find a screenshot of it. Regardless, The Mane Choice used Instagram and was able to maximize their potential sales by receiving feedback from their followers.

Although the traditional ways of marketing fashion content (on tv and in magazines) still exist, with social media platforms, brands are able to connect with their fans and consumers on a more personal level and therefore cater to their wants and needs more precisely and creatively. With traditional forms of marketing, there was a limit to what information could be disseminated to consumers. But now that social media platforms offer so many different ways to communicate, through photos, video, memes and text, and offer various ways to manage content, marketers have more freedom to experiment with strategies and figure out if they are working in a small amount of time without the fear of wasted investments.

In my opinion, what social media offers for marketing that is most vital is that it allows marketing strategies to be implemented into what people see everyday without being an obvious advertisement. Instead posts seem more natural since social media platforms now have algorithms that mostly expose you to what you like based on your current followers or liked content.




Taken from Digital Marketing Philippines

As a style blogger, I can truly say that the 8 tips above will definitely maximize the potential that social media offers for marketers.

I’m not an expert on Twitter whatsoever because I do not use it as often as my Instagram or Facebook, but certain social media platforms now give you the opportunity to closely study the demographics on your pages. For example, if you switch your personal profile to a business one on Instagram, you will have access to a page that shows you the impressions, the reach, profile views, website clicks, email clicks, follower demographic as well as your top posts on your page. For me, switching to this type of account has been one of the best decisions that I have made because I am more in tuned with what my followers appreciate.


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