Hi guys!

I’m finally in Barbados now that I’ve finished my two-month-long trip. I took over 2,000 photos in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Swaziland, London and Madrid so be prepared for manyyyyy photo dairies.

Aaron and I shot these photos right before I left for my trip. We took them so that I would have content for when I left in October but the wifi was so terrible in Cape Town that it was taking literally over an hour to upload one photo, so that clearly never happened. This shoot was especially interesting because my friend dropped my chest of drawers on my big toe two hours before, when I was moving out of the apartment. That pain was unlike anything I have everrrrr felt but I was determined to shoot this look. I was supposed to be wearing these incredible heels at first but I couldn’t get my foot in it, let alone put pressure on my toes to walk! I actually passed out from the pain an hour before the shoot hahah. No idea how I made it. You should’ve seen me limping through NYC the next day trying to run errands before my trip… it was the absolute worse time to have an injury like that. Two months later, it is STILL bruised and after hitting it into the door last night, I now know that it still hasn’t finished heeling…

anyway enough about injuries, photos from Cape Town up next!

talk to you soooon <3


shop this look ~

sneakers | koio

duster | urban outfitters

high-waisted jeans | l train vintage nyc

off-the-shoulder top | tobi

glasses | warby parker


photos taken by Aaron Laserna. 


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