As you probably know, if you follow my blog or my social media accounts, fashion and style are my motivations to get up in the morning! When I was 15, I started modeling semi professionally in Barbados and continued doing so for about 3 years. However, the beauty standards in the fashion industry started to affect my physical and emotional well-being, as it has for so many others. So, when I moved back to New Jersey, at age 17, my focus shifted to style blogging where I was able to define my own standards of beauty.


Photo taken by Maria Alba.

After blogging for a little over a year, my follower base began to grow, and I started thinking about the strategic decisions that I was making in order to assess how I had gotten to a particular point in my blogging career, so to speak. Also, while studying Journalism and Media Studies and Digital Communication, Information and Media, I was constantly (thinking) about the ways in which digital platforms overwhelmed and propelled various industries. So, when I was considering a topic for this capstone project, for my DCIM course, I thought it would be best to analyze the way in which disruptive technologies, such as social media platforms and blogs, have not only altered the communication in the fashion industry, but also propelled the fast fashion revolution.

If you are at all interested, I will be exploring this trend in the following blog posts under “Fashion and Digital Community”. Essentially, I will be breaking down the role of disruptive technologies, bloggers as online freelance marketers, ethical implications surrounding fast fashion, the democratization of fashion and how they all contribute to an immediacy culture, which focuses on building communities.

In short, I am asking… how have blogs and social media platforms propelled the fast fashion revolution?



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